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Evening Dining

From 7pm to 11pm

Jumbo Jackets

Feast of Flavours

Explore The Kanteen's Diverse Main Menu Delights

Dive into the culinary delights of our Main Menu at The Kanteen in Brent Cross, where each dish is crafted to offer a memorable dining experience. Our menu kicks off with a selection of appetizers, including the comforting Tomato Soup, Soup of the Day for those seeking variety, Classic Hummus for a creamy start, and crispy Halloumi Fries for a touch of indulgence. For brunch enthusiasts, our offerings are second to none, featuring Eggs Benedict Florentine, the vibrant Mediterranean Shakshuka, a variety of Melts and Sandwiches for all tastes, Jumbo Jacket Potatoes, and an assortment of Pizzas to satisfy any craving. But the journey doesn’t end there; our dessert section is a sweet haven, and our drinks menu perfectly complements every meal. Whether you’re in for a quick bite or a leisurely meal, our menu is designed to cater to your every desire, available daily from 9am to 6pm. Come and indulge in a dining experience that’s rich in flavours and variety, only at The Kanteen.

Jumbo Jacket Potato

Served From 9am – 7pm

Served with Red Slaw or Mixed Leaves

  • Jumbo Jacket Potato with Baked Beans & Cheese
    Jumbo Jacket Potato with Baked Beans & Cheese £13

    A Jumbo Jacket Potato, lavishly topped with rich, creamy baked beans and a generous sprinkle of melted cheese, offers a hearty and comforting classic dish, bursting with flavours.

  • Jumbo Jacket Potato with Tuna Mayo & Sweetcorn
    Jumbo Jacket Potato with Tuna Mayo & Sweetcorn £14

    A Jumbo Jacket Potato filled with a creamy blend of tuna mayo and sweetcorn presents a delightful mix of textures and flavours, combining the light, refreshing taste of the sea with the sweet crunch of corn for a satisfying meal.

  • The Kanteen Potato Bake
    The Kanteen Potato Bake £15

    Sliced Potato with Mushroom Cream & Melted Cheese

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